Eliminating Hunger, Empowering People, and Rescuing Food in Indianapolis

Second_Helpings_logoEvery year more than 30 percent of the available food supply in the United States is wasted. That’s the equivalent of a pound of food each day for every man, woman, and child in America. In local numbers that’s 1.5 million pounds of food every day in the Indianapolis area.

Second Helpings thinks that number represents more than just wasted food. They think it represents a wasted opportunity to help thousands of Indianapolis residents in need.

So Second Helpings set out to make real, tangible change here in Indianapolis by gathering over-prepared and surplus food from food distributors, restaurants, grocers, and other sources and bringing it back to a central kitchen. With this saved food, they prepare 4,000 nutritious meals a day for Indianapolis’s hungriest people–delivering to day cares, senior centers, missions, and other facilities six days a week.

Plus, Second Helpings attacks poverty at its source by using some of the rescued food for its Culinary Job Training program that has helped hundreds of graduates find and keep good-paying jobs in the food service industry.

We think that’s pretty cool. And we think it’s great to know that every penny of your Tonic Ball ticket money goes to support this good work.

Find out more about Second Helpings. Then come to Tonic Ball and celebrate the good thing you’re helping to do in the world.